Missing grown up talk

Baby talk is banned in my house. 

Even if I wanted to coo-coo and ga-ga over my girls, I physically can not bring myself do it. Mostly for the fear of being on a hidden camera show (Beadle’s About has ruined me for life) and someone is actually watching me do it, but also for the fact that it is ridiculous.

I have a few pet peeves in life. Ok, that’s a total lie, I have hundreds. But one thing that drives me mad is hearing people talking to their children like they are stupid. I like to think that even though my babies do not have be ability to talk back to me, they understand my constant babble and that they are taking everything in.

Something I plan to do is continue to talk to my girls like I talk to my peers. They will learn proper grammar, sentence structure and words. And I will categorically refuse to allow my children to say “Ta”. Even if it takes them years to grasp, they will be saying “Thank you” instead.

While I do not miss being in an office environment, I definitely miss conversation. I probably drive my husband insane when he gets home from work by talking at him. Even when he’s at work, I bombard him with WhatsApp messages about banal things like the fact I have just putting the washing on or the amount the babies have pooed that day. Riveting stuff.

I definitely do not want to wish my girls’ lives away. But at the same time, I am looking forward to being able to have a proper chat with them.

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