Will I ever read a book without pictures again?

Intellectual stimulation is hard to come by when you have a newborn.

This is the main reason I started writing these blog posts. I feel guilty doing anything for myself while the girls are awake, but newborn babies don’t really do much. When they were under three weeks old, they didn’t do anything except sleep and eat. But while they slept, I had no energy to do anything because I was still recovering from surgery. Now, they are awake most of the day but are only really starting to interact with me.

The girls have yet to respond well to my discussions with them on various NPR shows I listen to throughout the week (BBC Radio 4 sends me to sleep so I listen to Nashville Public Radio through TuneIn). Hopefully that will change at some point.

I also never wanted to be one of those people who have the television on all day. But it turns out the girls like the bright lights and flashing of it and get really happy during certain theme songs. Modern Family is a favourite at the moment when I’m feeding them. Twin 2 is a fan of the flashing opening credits and kicks her legs and gets excited. It’s quite useful when I’m feeding Twin 1 and have to plonk her into her bouncer.

I could think of worse things to introduce them to than Modern Family.

It is important for dads to have alone time with babies, particularly if they only had two weeks paternity leave. So we are trying something new when we are home for the weekend. I will take myself off for a few hours to have some alone time for myself (equally important) while the girls get one-to-one (two-to-one?) time with their dad.

Ideally this will mean I will start to feel like a grown up again and don’t have to talk about Mr Dinosaur and Mr Giraffe (I clearly have a great imagination for toy names) for hours on end. Maybe one day I’ll manage to concentrate on reading a book sans pictures.


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