Useful gift ideas for new parents

Some useful ideas for presents.


This will be one of the most appreciated gifts you can buy someone. Especially if said person is having multiples. We have found Aldi nappies really do live up to the hype and they are super cheap too. Newborn size 1 are currently £1.15 in shops.


Similar to nappies, these will come in so useful and will help in the first few weeks if they run out and don’t have time to run to the shop. We use Water Wipes (I’m anti-Johnsons baby wipes) and have had no issues thus far. I have also tried the Aldi Mamia sensitive wipes (in the pale green packet) and they are brilliant. Not as wet, but sometimes can be easier than the super wet wipes.


Similar to the above, you can never have too many muslins. John Lewis sell decent ones in bundle packs. We like the ones from Ikea and Sainsburys. Alternatively (if you have lots of cash to splash), Aden and Anais do beautiful swaddle muslins which double up as both swaddles and enormous muslins for clearing up milk spills and sick. These are much cheaper in the US and Canada than here. I found some in HomeSense that were half the price you normally pay here.

Ready meals

Something I never asked people for but wish I had in the first few weeks. Ready meals are so cheap but so handy to have in the freezer to quickly microwave once babies are sleeping.


The amount of short sleeved bodysuits/vests we are going through by the day is ridiculous. A pack of these will go a long way either in newborn or 0-3 months size would be most useful to start with.

Clothes in bigger sizes

While the tiny clothes are very cute, it is useful to buy clothes for when the babies grow out of them. There’s no point in buying sweet dresses in newborn size because babies live in sleepsuits. Or the dresses only last two hours before being sicked on. Or worse.


If you don’t know what to buy, don’t buy anything and get vouchers instead. Then the new parents can use them in the following year as and when things crop up.


Even if it is just to cuddle the baby while the new dad sleeps for 20 minutes or new mum gets to wash her hair for the first time in five days, your presence will be appreciated. When you visit new parents, if they offer you a drink, say you will make it. Take round biscuits or cake and ask if they need milk before visiting in the first few weeks. If you visit after the dad has gone back to work after his paternity leave, take the mum a sandwich and a packet of crisps. She will have more than likely not eaten all day. I speak from experience. Alternatively, if you’re feeling generous and have a tumble dryer, take away their washing and bring it back clean.


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