What to expect: midwife visits

You will be visited the day after returning home, day five and day 10.

Midwives are a godsend, quite frankly. In the hospital there were one or two who were my guardian angels (one I didn’t like so much but I won’t name and shame) and the ones who came to my house after having my twins were lovely too.

Word of warning, if you have a caesarean, your day five will be the day you get your dressing off. It will hurt. There’s no denying it. Make sure you take some painkillers before she arrives and also ask if you can take the dressing off yourself. My midwife was great, she held my skin taut while directing me how to pull it off. This allowed me to pause when I needed it and to take it at my own speed. Once it was off she then proceeded to shout for my husband to take a photo of it so I could see if properly. I wish I never saw that. I am very lucky my scar is a neat line (women surgeons!) but still bloody and not exactly pleasing on the eye so soon after surgery.

The midwife will also weigh your baby to check they haven’t dropped too much weight and will check you are recovering as well as you can.

I believe it was also day five where we had the babies’ heel spot tests. Our girls were ok with them (Twin 1 had to have glucose testing every three hours in hospital so was already used to it), but I have heard some babies scream so they can do it while you are feeding them. It is over very quickly and well worth the checks.

The first visit from the midwife, I felt she was a bit judgy but really she wasn’t. I think it was my hormones and I was instantly very protective of how I look after my children. They are there to help you for up to 28 days after the birth of the baby (it is then past on to your GP) so use the help if you need it. Just don’t mention if you have a Perfect Prep machine to save the lectures.

All round, midwife visits for us were all very reassuring. There’s something quite nice to hear “you’re doing a good job and you have very healthy babies” from a professional.


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