I should be on Pointless

I’m starting to embrace daytime television.

When I was pregnant, everyone was telling me how I’d be able to catch up on loads of TV shows. I wish I could remember who told me because I’d like to go back to them and ask them when exactly I could do that.

Now the girls are a full 10 weeks old, they are much more active in the day so all I ever have on the TV is Modern Family, This Morning or Pointless. I cannot figure out when people catch up on TV. Night feeds (starting to become a rarity already) are only about half an hour from picking them up to putting them down, so it’s not as if I’m awake for hours in the night when I could sit and watch anything. And I feel massively guilty having the television on while the girls are awake. I should be paying them my full attention.

The benefit of embracing daytime television and watching Pointless shows me that my mind isn’t completely broken and I can actually remember some stuff. I really should apply to be on it, I know so many useless things.

I think being able to watch TV must be something people with just one baby are able to do.


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