You will never drink hot coffee again

Things you didn’t know you needed. 

Here are a few things I have found useful in our first few months of being twin parents.

Endless supply of nappies

A month before the babies were born, my husband went out for a final hurrah with a load of his male friends and they all had to bring us a pack of nappies. What a life saver. They lasted us ten weeks with some left over. We didn’t need to buy any nappies (except a few packs of Micros, see below) for the first 10 weeks which was brilliant and saved us some money. If anyone wanted to buy anything for us, I asked for nappies.

Micro size nappies

Our girls were both under 6lbs and size 1 nappies were so big they were up to their armpits. Pampers were the only brand we found to have smaller sizes, but this will be incredibly useful to have if you are expecting twins or a small baby.

Heated airer

We don’t have a tumble dryer (much to my dismay) and the amount of washing we do now is ridiculous. I feel like I spend my life washing towels, muslins and vests. So many vests.


If you like your coffee piping hot, say goodbye to it unless you have a thermos or a mug that retains heat. Some days I will find a mug of coffee that I made two hours earlier. Luckily I don’t mind it room temperature and have learn how to neck it while I can.

Snot sucker

It is as revolting as it sounds. And I think the technical term is “nasal aspirator” which is ever so slightly nicer. Our girls both caught colds at nine weeks old and sounded like two snorting pigs. A family member told us about this where you literally suck the snot out of the babies’ noses (it has a filter but it is still gross) to clear their noses. Disgusting, but a life saver. That and saline drops to loosen it all up.

Water Wipes

I don’t use Johnson’s products on my girls (far too many chemicals) and have been strictly using Water Wipes and thus far we have had no problems with any rashes or uncomfortable bottoms.


This will really help with any dry skin. I’ve been complimented by a few people about how the girls aren’t crusty. I literally oil them. I use Kiehl’s Nuturing Oil for Mom & Baby or standard coconut oil. The girls love a head rub and they don’t have any unsightly bits of skin. Again, I don’t use Johnson’s Baby crude Oil.


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