Best pregnancy clothes

Some of my tips.

I absolutely love clothes. I have far too many. But when I got pregnant, I told myself I would not end up with a brand new wardrobe for the sake of six months (although I did start wearing maternity jeans at nine weeks).

By far, the best maternity clothing is from America. Especially if you are tall. They have brilliant shops and some specifically for maternity wear that don’t cost an arm and a leg (I’m looking at you, Seraphine). When I was in Tennessee last year, I bought quite a lot of clothes from Target (probably the best stuff ever!), A Pea In The Pod and Motherhood Maternity.

Shorts. These shorts are the BEST and I wish I could get away with wearing them now, they are beyond comfortable. The stretchy band feels like a loose swimming costume. So comfy.

Work trousers. I bought a pair of work trousers from America which I can’t find online. They are by far the best work trouser I found. They were skinny and had the elastic at the back rather than the front. This made such a difference when I was sat at my desk all day. I didn’t have elastic digging in to my expanding stomach all day!
High street. I found Topshop maternity clothes to be nice but very overpriced. H&M did the trick but jeans were awful. New Look jeans were the best, I found. But not very long. I wish Next was better last year because this season looks lovely!

Don’t buy a coat. I just used my husband’s instead. Don’t shell out £100 on something you’ll only wear for a few months. Chances are you’ll be sweating profusely anyway. Just wear extra layers if you’re cold.

Bras. Get a non-wired bra as early as possible and you won’t regret it. Mothercare do two-packs which are not too pricey.

Weddings. Chances are you’ll have a wedding to go to. My tip is to buy a maxi dress so you can wear comfy sandals and no one will know. Also get a stretchy dress for when you eat loads of cake (the baby needs energy…).


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