Feeling smug when I see a single pram

Especially when that baby is crying. 

I have become so smug since having my twins.

If you knew them, you’d understand why. I wish I had a pound for every time someone asks me if I am getting any sleep. And I wish I had another pound for every time those people looked stunned when I said they have slept through the night more or less since they were 9 weeks old. No ridiculous Gina Ford training here!

I have been to quite a few baby clinics where people will look completely dishevelled or come in clutching a million bags then say how tired they are because their baby refuses to sleep. It’s quite the norm. I started out feeling guilty for having a full night’s sleep and carrying a small backpack for both girls. It was almost as if I had to apologise for having freakishly well behaved babies.

But now, whenever I see someone walking along with just(!) one baby, I feel a massive sense of smugness. “How do you do it?” they all say. “They sleep at least nine hours each night, rarely cry and are as good as gold during the day,” I smugly reply, manouevering my enormous double pram with one hand.


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