What I would buy again

A few of my product recommendations of things I would buy all over again. I say buy, a lot of these things were gifted to us by friends and family.

Perfect Prep machine

prepDon’t read the news. Just be sensible and clean it properly and use the proper filters and it will be fine. GODSEND. Especially when formula feeding two babies. Genuinely the best thing we have product-wise and would recommend to anyone! We have to replace the filter every three months because, well, twins, and I have descaled it once after about 7 months.


Motorola MBP36S Digital Video Monitor

monitorI bought this in the Black Friday deals on Amazon for 50% off. I deliberately waited for that because a) the twins didn’t leave my sight until then anyway and b) there’s no way I was paying £140 for a monitor. It has definitely been worth it, the sound and video quality is great and the fact you can move the monitor is also useful when going between babies. We have it wall mounted (so easy to do, it is literally on a picture hook) so I can easily move it around. It plays lullabies (which are annoying but the girls seem to enjoy them) and you can speak through the monitor too which I am sure will be handy when they are older. The only downsides are that I think the temperature is a bit off by about two or three degrees (higher than it actually is), so we have a GroEgg which gives a much more realistic temperature of the room. Also, the battery wears down quite quickly, although it does a lot so that’s probably why.

Bugaboo Donkey

pram.pngYou can buy a used car for less than what this costs, but it has been absolutely wonderful. Yes, it is wide and bulky but it’s SO GOOD. It shrinks down to one and a half so if you have one baby out at a time or one in a sling (which I did a few times) then it’s a lot more practical to get around shops. Because we use the Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix car seats, they also fit on (of course, an extra adaptor is needed) to the pram. It’s a little annoying to fit into the car sometimes but you can take the wheels off so easily so it shrinks down a lot more. I think in a year or so, we will probably sell it and get a much cheaper standard double buggy, but for now it fits all our needs.

Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steamer Blender 

BlenderThis has been really useful for weaning the twins. You can literally just hit the button after shoving some food in and it will steam it then immediately blend. Although the first time I used it I created pea juice, so I would recommend draining the water (carefully or you will end up losing all that sweet potato you just steamed for 25 minutes) and then adding either some milk or water to the vegetables.


Angelcare bath supports

bathAbsolute lifesaver. These are so wonderful, especially because we had little babies. The support is silicone so it doesn’t feel like you are putting your baby on plastic, which a lot of them feel like in my opinion. We have two, which fit together in some baths and not the smaller ones. But now we have to use them one at a time because they kick each other in the bits, which I’m sure isn’t pleasant. We are still using it at 8.5 months (mainly because I keep forgetting to buy a bath mat to sit the girls in the bath instead).


bouncersGENUINELY the best thing I have ever got. And they cost £20 each. I cannot fathom why someone would spend a ridiculous amount of money on a bouncer when you can get something for less than half the price that does exactly the same thing. I started using these when the girls were about six weeks old and they lasted until around 7 months old. They. Are. Amazing. We had a swing passed on to us but neither twin seemed to enjoy swinging, much preferring to bounce.



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