Sharing children online

Before I had children I always vowed I would never be one of those people who relentlessly post photos of their children online.

Until I had kids and they turned out to be pretty cute.

But there’s something to be said about privacy. Wherever I share photos or anecdotes about my children online, I make sure it is strictly hidden from anyone other than those who follow me and is private and secure.

I’m really not sure how I feel about so many people sharing photos of their children to thousands of people. Not just the photos but the embarrassing stories that someone at the kids school could see and use it to make fun of the child. When people share so much of their lives online, it creates a false image of that person’s life.

Kids have no say in what we put online.

I grew up having anything embarrassing happen in private. Thankfully there are no videos and hardly any photos. But our children won’t have the same luxury and we can’t be certain that things that are put online won’t come back to haunt them when they are at an age where they can google themselves.

I am trying to be really careful in what I share online but at the same time I want to be realistic. I believe it is all too easy to show it’s all sweetness and light and that having twins is the most fabulous thing ever. Don’t get me wrong, it is a lot of fun and it really is wonderful. But at the same time, it’s really bloody hard.


Getting back in the swing of things

I set out writing this blog last year thinking I’ll be able to update it regularly, rediscover my passion for writing and spend hours writing again.

Then reality hit and, quite frankly, I forgot to do it.

I need a set routine to write. These days I can’t just pick up my laptop and write without having 20 little fingers smudging a screen or switching it off by hitting the power button

But. I’m going to try and update this a bit more and use it as an outlet. Try.

See you next year when I write about how I want to try this blog again.